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The beer is fantastic and delivery is prompt

I just wish the web site wasn’t such a cryptic maze! I’m slowly learning how to use it, but it shouldn't be *that* hard :-(

Hoppy happy

Love these beers 👍🏻

Enjoyable beer

A very pleasant drink buy being a Great Eastern fan just a little lightweight for me. You can at least drink a few in one sitting. Don't get me wrong I'll be buying more over time because Redchurch beers are always of high quality and flavour. If you don't want a high alcohol beer but one that still hits the spot then give this a try.

Great Xmas Present

For the second year running a brilliant Christmas Present, great service and very prompt delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending your very product and service

New Redchurch Tastiness

Redchurch continue to build upon their reputation with yet another addition to their growing repertoire of beers for all tastes. Another winner. Well lads and lasses.

Love redchurch.

A very tasty range of beers and right on my Harlow doorstep. Could possibly be the best thing in the town and I say that as a native born and bred.

Great beer

Great beer as per usual great service aswell will be back soon

Redchurch - not just for Christmas!

Found this wonderful local brewery during lockdown - brilliant beer & free delivery - have not gone anywhere else since

Teachers gift

Lovey Christmas gift for sons teacher

Great chocolate tones

Usual great products and service

Jolly Christmas box of beers happily received and consumed.

Great choices and flavour’s

Bought the ultimate mix 24 bottles all different types of ales all were delicious and I have found some real favourites which I will be purchasing more of in the future great beers.

Beer glasse

Not to big, not to small, just right


Enjoyed, tend to go for the blond types of beer 1st, but other beers in the pack are equally very good.

No sighs in this Cider

Exquisite....a mature taste with rich perfume.

Tuesday 29th November World Cup England - FREE Tickets
Colette Smith

Tuesday 29th November World Cup England - FREE Tickets

Blonde Bombshell

Crisp and refreshing


Got it for my son Christmas presents

Light Work Lager Short Date 9/12
Trevor Buckingham-Jones
A little Star

Low sugar, great taste. Another Redchurch winner.

Lovely beer

The Shoreditch Blond is a very quaffable beer

Bought on special offer

Got a BOGOF deal on near-expiry and it tastes as good – and fresh – as ever. Absolute bargain.

Great Eastern, great ipa.

Personally I think this is one of the best Ipa's you can buy. Great balance between hops, sweetness and alcohol. Highly drinkable. Shame you are to stop brewing it. Would like to know why.?

Great Glasses

The Redchurch pint glasses are quite unique and stand out from a lot of others on the market. Bethnal Pale Ale goes down very well in these. As I am sure the other Redchurch offerings will too.

Old Ford Export Stout

A majestic stout.
I've tried and try many different stouts and this consistently takes the crown.
For a little decadence i like to add a shot of Tia Maria for a sweeter,almost Imperial style stout.
Top notch.

Thursday 8th December Top Comedy in the Brewery
Kevin Jones
I've not got crystal balls

Being asked to review a comedy show at a brewery that is not happening for another two weeks is difficult but I'm desperate for the beer points, so here goes. " I came expecting Arthur Smith would just rerun some of his classic voice-overs from past episodes of Money for Nothing. How wrong I was. He delivered a side splitting stand-up comedy show that was fully complimented by the excellent Redchurch beers." That's gotta be worth 25 beer points of anyone's money