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Decent enough mug, plain and simple. Worth spending the beer points on

Christmas delight

My partner got this for me as a Christmas present and i must say every single beer in the box I've enjoyed! So chuffed ive found a local brewery that produces such great selection of top beers.
Well done Redchurch

Saturday January 22nd Monthly Brewery Quiz - Free Tickets
Gerry B
Great afternoon of fun

Great afternoon of quizzing and drinking superb beer. Added bonus in that my team won but it was close. Big congrats to Tony, Trevor and Megan. Really enjoyable day.

Saturday 15th January - Dry Fanuary Bingo and loads of fun 2-8pm
Fun afternoon

Fanny was excellent as always, beers was very good, a fun afternoon. Just a bit cold in the tap room though

Perfect beer the perfect way

We had this over Christmas. Was the perfect way to celebrate with the family. Our favourite redchurch beer, chilled in a mini keg. What else could you ask for??

A good selection of varied styles

A good selection of varied styles. I particularly liked the Old Ford stout and the Bethnal pale ale. I wasn't so keen on the Dark Candy, but I'd be happy to drink any of the other beers. I hadn't realised the case came with a free glass until I was disposing of the packaging!

Saturday 15th January - Dry Fanuary Bingo and loads of fun 2-8pm
Mrs s Caunter
Customer friendly website

Easy to use website and lots of great ads for new and interesting beer flavours too!

Redchurch Lager
Tony Guglielmucci
Redchurch Lager

An ale drinker but very quaffable for lager. Have given out as Xmas presents to clients who've gratefully guzzled with no complaints.

Super refreshing

So good to have a low-cal beer that isn't less than 3% ABV and tastes like beer-flavored dish water. Clean crisp taste and a malty finish that really doesn't seem like a low-calorie beer, as the strength makes it still taste like any premium beer you'd get. A distinctive beer that should be considered a quality beer in it's own right and not just a low-cal option.

London Irish Foundation IPA

Great session beer, plenty of zesty flavour.

Most excellent stout

Originally got a bottle of this through Beer52 but it was so good I ordered whole case and it doesn't disappoint. Very smooth and just the right bite to the flavour. If you like stouts, you'll love this.

Redchurch Old Ford Export Stout

Refreshing and easy

A great tasting ipa that is refreshing and fully of flavour with a twist of passion.
If you haven’t tried it yet make sure you do.

Light Work Lager
Paul Roberts
A marvelously refreshing 'tipple'

Light Work Lager is exactly what it says on the tin (sorry bottle...). Smooth and refreshing, and very quaffable...

IPA - It’s Perfect Alright!!

Great taste!
Great ale!
Great value!

Amethyst Blackberry

Something a little bit different - really love this fruity beer. Makes a change from my normal favourite but then I do like a fair few of the Redchurch beers ;)

Redchurch Hoxton Stout
Andrew Spiller
Not the strongest but the best!

Rich, malty with a nice hoppy top end , love it!

Redchurch 12 Beers of Christmas Gift Box
Clive Gentry
Ideal Christmas present for beer lovers

A very well received Christmas present. Looks good and tastes amazing!

Redchurch Lager
Aaron Harris
Great Beer

This is the 3rd crest of this beer I have now bought. Nice tasting lager. Will buy again.

Light Work Lager
Michelle Green
We will be coming back soon for more

We love this lager amongst many of your others. We will be back for more soon and look forward to your new one.

fruity IPA

an IPA that isn't too citrus - just a hint but fruity as well. i great refreshing choice


Starter pack was great! recommend for anyone looking for something different.

Redchurch Ale Gift Pack
Geoff Wheeldon
A great gift

My father and beother both really enjoyed the selection of beers!

Best duo

My personal favourite combo!

Great choice

I bought the mixed case for Christmas for the family to all try! They went down a treat!