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Will come again.

My friends and I spent a lovely evening enjoying the nice atmosphere and great beer. The pornastar martini was so nice I took 6 bottles home with me. My friends enjoyed the cocktails (too much). We each had a hotdog which we thoroughly enjoyed. The service was great, from very lovely people, who were willing to chat and answer questions. I loved the dog (Hugo?) and the other customers were friendly as well. All in all it was a lovely evening all round in a easy, non threatning atmosphere, unlike many pubs, and we will definitely be back.

Redchurch Life on März
David Gill-Collis
How would I describe Life on Marz?

Hunky Dory !

Nice to try a change

Tried the mixed box, dark candy.... it was nice to try a different drink, drinkable but just not one for me.

Great taste 👌

Well impressed !! Great price , fast delivery.. my first order from red church , just arrived today, straight onto my Venom beer dispenser, taste is excellent 👌would highly recommend, I’ll be back soon for my next order..👏👏👏👏

Fantastic local brewed selection

A fantastic selection of Redchurch's fine products. Not really a stout drinker, but liked both in this box. Customer service is second to none, with the box delivered the day after ordering. Deck Chair and Paradise IPA my faves, but all are good.

Redchurch Lager
Matthew Wheatley

Like a normal lager, but with flavour :)

Good core beer

Great session beer

Combination of Dreams

So tasty, an awesome ale, please never stop making this!

One of the best

I really do like this beer. It has to be one of my favourites of all times.

PSM Pale Ale

I waited in anticipation for this to arrive and certainly wasn't disappointed once it did. The tasting note flavours on the bottle are spot on . I thought the passion fruit was very prominent. An easy drinking beer great at anytime . But an ideal BBQ tipple . 10 out of 10.

A quiet Saturday afternoon

Have been drinking Redchurch since first lockdown and have been dying to try it on tap, finally got the chance at the taproom. Tucked into a couple of pints of the fabulous new Pornstar IPA and a couple of pints of rye beer. It was a very chilled afternoon and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.


Loved all the beers that i ordered especially the porters😁😁 will be buying again..

Light Work Lager
Adam Smith
Light but no less

Never really considered the calorie count of beers before, and for some reason thought light would mean less taste and less enjoyment, but I gave this lager a go and it proved me wrong. Will be getting some more.

Welcome return of a great beer

Marz Attacks was a great beer and it’s return under a new moniker ‘Life on Marz’ is very welcome. It has become, along with Great Eastern IPA, my go to tipple after a day at work.

Life on marz

My favourite beer unfortunately you cannot get it all year round

Redchurch Hoxton Stout
Sarah Champion
Delicious Flavour

This is a lovely tasting stout. Lots of malt flavour. Lovely colour when poured in glass. Highly recommended if you enjoy dark beers.

Hope this becomes a permanent addition

Became a big fan of the Marzen when it was called "Marz Atacks", and I was really pleased to see it come back again. As the title says, I really hope this becomes a permanent addition.


Nice crisp Pilsner. If it was 0.5% ABV stronger it would be even better!

Another award winner

What a great tasting beer with a twist. Absolutely love this outstanding beer will buy again and again and again I'm sure.

Great Pale Ale

Great tasting pale ale. Slightly nutty flavour. Just the right volume to satisfy a thirst on a sunny afternoon with a few snacks, rather than a full blown pint.

Outstanding IPA

A truly great example of an IPA. Goes down so easily and quickly that one bottle is never enough. The 7.4% strength adds to the quality rather than detracts.

Very informative but eat before you arrive!

Tour was led by Tony who is the co-owner of the brewery, so he knows a lot of stuff! And it's very informative and interesting - you can ask questions at any stage.
However the tour starts off with a pint (and another pint halfway through) so if you haven't had your brekkie you might be feeling a little light-headed halfway through!
So if you want to support your local brewery take a tour (and definitely consider an afternoon session at the Taproom afterwards).

crisp and sparkly

This is delicious. A pale ale with a lovely fruity tang.

Redchurch Life on März
David Redington
Ground control to Redchurch

Easily the best beer I’ve had from Redchurch! Bought on a whim and will now be buying all the time!

Something for everyone!

Great selection of quality beers. Redchurch Lager is now the bench mark for all other lagers to be judged. Highlights a plenty! Great eastern IPA has a wicked kick, paradise confused me in a good way!