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Absolute Quality Case of Beer

Of the 12 beers, they were all considered to be excellent quality, great taste and a good way to tickle your taste buds. Will definitely order again from Redchurch. The only one to be mindful of is the Amethyst, that is an acquired taste, but the quality and taste sensation was nevertheless interesting!

Mixed case

Excellent service great beer loved everyone of them

Great selection at a great price!!

One of the biggest positive things to come out of the past year, was my discovery of Redchurch! Selection packs, certainly tick the box, and save time with choosing what to order and you always get the chance to try the new beers just launched. Go on, you know you want to!

Out of 10

Reviewed all, and marked them out of 10, making Old Ford stout 10, maybe biased as I come from Old Ford !

Great ales. What's not to like.

My favorite mixed box. I just love American style Pale ales and Ipas and this box doesn't disappoint. Great Eastern is my all time favorite and the great taste belies its strength. Brother in law loves the Bitter and says it takes him back to the 'best' of the 70's but with a bit more poke!

Great box of crowd pleasers

Great mix of Lagers to suit every bodies palate. The Mexican Dark Candy is definitely different but in a good way and went great with some chilli dogs from the bbq.

The Specials One

Another amazing selection of beers delivered promptly to my front door. A couple of new ones in this delivery which have moved up my list of favourites. Roll on the summer when I can enjoy my Redchurch beers in the garden.

Great beer

Great tasting beer and perfect pint glasses

Redchurch Lager
Graham Pringle
Stock Up

Always good to stock up on this good quality local beer! Would definitely recommend

Nice Gift

Got this for my Brother in Law. Went down well in more ways than one! Good gift idea

Redchurch Bitter Luck
Graham Pringle
Good Beer

Quality bitter and would definitely recommend. Nice colour and taste

Nice Glass

Decent in the hand! Feels good. Since had bought for me another 2 pint glasses

Redchurch Lager
Graham Pringle
Great Beer

Nice colour, good taste. Quality product

Good Tee

Good quality shirt. Logo great and a good price

Good Quality

Decent tee shirt, good quality and value for the money

Fabulous beers

An absolutely fabulous case of beers. High quality throughout. Some amazing IPA's and two fabulous stouts. Standout for me was the Mexican dark lager, total surprise how much I enjoyed that drink, when I definitely usually prefer the fruity and tropical ales on offer nowadays.

Don't hesitate to order from redchurch

Deckchair Pale Ale

Hits the spot every time while in a deckchair in the garden - now just need the sun to enjoy another!

Redchurch Lager
Michael Palmer
Top lager

Bought a crate to enjoy with my dad, went down a treat

Lovely Beer

Husband was very pleased with his beers. He said all were really nice.
Highly recommend

Great beer.

Great beer, great drunk dad.

Great selection of quality Ales

I’d tried most of the ales in this selection, so was confident that I would love this mixed pack.
The one that I hadn’t tried - Great Eastern IPA - is now one of my favourites!
I highly recommend this selection whether or not you have tried any of these ales before.
The website is easy to use and the delivery service is brilliant. Beer points are also an added bonus when you shop too.

Deck chair ipa

My Favourite. Lots of flavour and a nice after taste.

Perfect Selection

Every beer is unique and you won’t be disappointed. This case has a great variety, I’m really enjoying the powerful Great Eastern. Apart from the beer, Redchurch’s website is fantastically designed, the people are effortlessly friendly and the incentives and offers are very well done. Thank you and congrats whoever does your marketing.

Dark candy

Loved this one, hope it becomes a regular

Lager than life !

Not normally a fan of lager, but this stuff isn't like the "Australian for sheeps p*ss" you get down the pub. I especially liked the Dark Candy...had a nice aftertase. Our Lager, which art in bottles, hallowed be thy drink!