A Redchurch Hat-Trick at The World Beer Awards

A great day for Redchurch with success at 2019 “WORLD BEER AWARDS”!!

Our Old Ford Export Stout entered the ‘Stout & Porter Award for imperial stout’ and achieved and excellent 2nd place with a SILVER! 

Our Bethnal Pale Ale was in the ‘American Style Pale Ale Award’ placing an absolutely incredible GOLD!!! 

FINALLY our reknown Redchurch Lager was entered in the ‘Lager award’ placing as OVERALL CATEGORY WINNER!!!

So proud of our amazing team of brewers…..these guys absolutely rock. The days that sometimes stretch long into the night show how dedicated these guys are to what they do to every beer that makes its way out of the brewery. A true testament to all the hard work our guys put in! (Also sorry @francesco_lob for missing the photo!)