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Redchurch Out of the Dark

Redchurch Out of the Dark

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Our Imperious Creation

Let's face it, weird crazy times bit all up in the air, we've had highs and lows. But out of the darkness come a little bit of light….a glimmer of hope that we are over the worst.

We'll start by answering the question, "Why would you want to drink this beer"? Why wouldn't you? Soft on the palette, luxurious and somewhat enriching. That first sip, trickling it's way down, like the first hit of caffeine in the morning. It's hard not to do one of those deep inhale, shoulder roll, slump back in the chair moves.

"So it's 10%. Are you mad!!!" you may be thinking Woah. Calm down…because this is not one of them 'down the hatch' kind of beers… This is a take your time, enjoy, relax, take it all in…over good conversation or a moment alone beer. A beer that took this long to brew and perfect deserves to be respected.

And just like your favourite chocolate in that Christmas selection box….you'll be going back for another!

Tasting Notes

Jet black and full-bodied with complex flavours of fig and raisin running throughout a subtle vanilla ice-cream palette. Bittersweet notes of dark chocolate are complemented by the warmth of the alcohol making this indulgent imperial stout, the perfect tipple for cold winter months. 

The Brew Sheet


Imperial Stout




Delta T90


Chateau Biscuit, Pale Malt, GNO, Carafa III, Chocolate, Munich, Special B, Roast Barley



  Units of Alcohol




Water, Malted Barley, Malted Oats, Dark Brown Sugar, Yeast, Hops

Instagram Testimonials

First sip got me like... WHOA! These taste buds needed some realignment but are sorted now. Cherry 6.5% Sour which is a damn STUNNER of a beer. Sexy Batch No. 69 and ingredient Lactobacillus are what I’m guessin’ to be the successes of this beer (more likely just the later). The sourness doesn’t quite hit the back of your tongue and just dances at the top with the smoothest of finishes. This shot doesn’t even come close to doin’ the color of this SOB any justice. Go grab yourself somma this if there’s any left y’all. Cheers! -


Learnt about these beers over lockdown and sampled them all. Incredibly refreshing when the day is hot. Decent selection of @redchurchbrewery beers getting us through this sunny bank holiday. Not through all yet but the Stratford Pilsner is the favourite at the moment. What I love is how light all the beers are, really go down nicely with no bloated feeling. Terrific beers.


 @redchurchbrewery Paradise IPA sings a different song, that of Shoreditch-on-Sea. It’s unmistakably urban, with a totally tropical taste. The lower ABV makes for a thinner mouthfeel, offset by the grapefruit and passion fruit tastes, which does not dominate but comes together in a well balanced table beer. So whether your paradise is a Pimper’s Paradise, a Gangsta’s Paradise, or an Amish Paradise, this might very well be Paradise Found.


This Marz-Ataks invades the senses with complex aromas of malt and chestnut honey. The flavour is layered with sweet biscuit, toasted bread and a hint of bitterness. Rich copper in colour and bone dry to finish, as though fresh from the surface of the red planet itself. Beautiful on the pallet and very moreish an excellent beer from an excellent brewery.


Urban Farmhouse in Barrels: Plum || @redchurchbrewery (6.5% - Fruited Sour)
Am I a sucker for plums in a sour? Absolutely! This is a variation of Redchurch's On Skins: Plums that is aged in Burgundy pinot noir barrels for five months. There's some farmhouse funk going on from the mixed fermentation, combined with obvious wine notes, and sweet plum flavor. It's tart and drying with notable sweetness (more than the scent alone lets on). This sour is light yet complex. 💜🍻💜🍻💜


Like many others my alcohol intake has gone up a little during the lockdown period. This isn’t likely to change much in the near future so I thought I’d support some local and localish businesses. @redchurchbrewery , based in Harlow, are doing free delivery to various areas including Medway based on where their staff live! I ordered my box of beer and the next afternoon it was delivered by one of the company directors! Bloody excellent beer AND service!


Tried a few beers from the mixed case that @redchurchbrewery dropped off yesterday, and every single one has been amazing!


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