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Redchurch Brewery

Redchurch Out of the Dark 20 Litre KeyKeg

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Our Imperious Creation

Let's face it; weird crazy times bit all up in the air. We've had highs and lows. But out of the darkness comes a little bit of light….a glimmer of hope that we are over the worst.

We'll start by answering the question, "Why would you want to drink this beer"? Why wouldn't you? Soft on the palette, luxurious and somewhat enriching. That first sip, trickling its way down, like the first hit of caffeine in the morning. It's hard not to do one of those deep inhale, shoulder roll, slump back in the chair moves.

"So it's 10%. Are you mad!!!" you may be thinking, Woah. Calm down…because this is not one of them 'down the hatch' kind of beers… This is a take your time, enjoy, relax, take it all in…over good conversation or a moment alone beer. A beer that took this long to brew and perfect deserves to be respected.

Tasting Notes

Jet black and full-bodied with complex flavours of fig and raisin running throughout a subtle vanilla ice-cream palette. Bittersweet notes of dark chocolate are complemented by the warmth of the alcohol making this indulgent imperial stout the perfect tipple for cooler days. 

Brew Guide

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Malted Oats, Dark Brown Sugar, Yeast, HopsBeer Style: Imperial StoutABV: 10%Size: 20 LitreUnits: 200Suitable For Vegans: YesPack Size: KeyKeg

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15-16 Mead Park Industrial Estate, Harlow CM20 2SE
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