Old Ford Winter Seasonal Release Date.

Redchurch Old Ford Export Stout relaunches as a winter seasonal special and will be available for order from the 2nd of December 2019.

This 7.5% luxurious, indulgent and velvety soft, Export stout, is feet up in front of the fire, duvet downstairs with the weather so bad that it’s looking like you might not make into the office for that Monday morning meeting (Shame). 

With sweet notes of vanilla, caramel and a bitter chocolaty kick to the finish, this stout has enough winter goodness and alcohol content to have drinkers dramatically upping their afternoon napping game, is it 4 pm or is it midnight? 

Taking inspiration from the brewery’s East London roots, the new label design pays homage to scarred and bruised streets that survived two world wars and an industrial revolution. With large estates where industry mixed with residential and men and women worked long hard hours in the factories on the River Lea or in the gas works.

It was an era where a drink in the local was the highlight of the month let alone the week.
Trevor Porter, Managing Director at Redchurch comments, ” Fast forward to 2019, East London is now a vibrant, multicultural social hub with more food and beer establishments than you can shake a stick at. Old Ford is a firm favourite with a wide number of bars, restaurants and hotels in that area and we are sure with this relaunch even more consumers will get to love it too.

For more information email orders@redchurch.beer


Old Ford Export Stout is available from the 2nd of December.