UKCE New Forest 100!!!!

We had an absolutely fantastic day partnering up with UK Cycling Events to help hydrate the 2000 Riders that attended The New Forest 100! Turning up to site at 6 am we were welcomed by the thousands of early bird Cyclists who were ready to rock & roll and to take to the roads to complete either their 30, 60 or 100-mile ride around the New Forest area. With the sun shining and without a cloud in the sky, the riders left 1 by 1 allowing the venue to enter into a state of pure bliss. Peace and quiet set the tone for a few hours in the stunning surroundings of Somerly house. With 2000 riders finally on the road we waited, kept company only by a very convincing Robbie Willaims tribute act (everyone loves a bit of Robbie)……..A few hours later they started to trickle in and saw the one thing they so desperately needed after what was a heroic ride…..cold……wet………BEER!

From that moment on we didn’t stop pouring and beers were in full flow until the final riders made their way across the line.

A beautiful location and a group of fantastic people made for what was an overall brilliantly executed event. Congratulations to all those that took part and completed their distance! Well deserved beer!!