USA and Berlin inspire​ new beers.

Introducing our latest brews our Experimental Hop IPA named after its nameless super star ingredient “X06277”. This modern West Coast IPA was brewed using 9 different juicy American hops including the star of the show X06277. Huge fruity hop aroma, strong tropical flavours and balanced bitterness make for a taste sensation that’s out of this world! Also introducing Our summer stunner “The Sky Is Red In Berlin” A fruity twist on a classic German Berliner Weisse. Aromas of wild raspberry giving way to hints of subtle lemon and yogurt-like flavours supported by tart, fresh raspberries and underlying dry lactic sourness.

Two fantastic beers for you all to give a try! We love to hear you feed back & pictures of you guys sporting a Redchurch so don’t forget to find us on Instagram @Redchurchbrewery